Sunday, January 4, 2009

NS Design Wav Violin

The NS Design Wav Violin is a fantastic electric violin and is now available the public. I have been fortunate to have been playing a couple of the prototypes of this instrument for the past year or so and absolutely love it on a variety of levels. First, and foremost is the sound. As with any instrument, the sound is everything and I really love the sound of this electric violin. I have used it on a number of performances and it holds up to the best electric violins that I have ever played. It has a natural sound and will hold up to any style of music that one might be playing. Second, it feels right. Even though it has a super-cool look and the same unique shape as the NS Design CR series, it is comfortable to play in feels like a traditional violin. You would never know that you are playing an electric. The shoulder rest is completely adjustable and you can really customize it to your tastes. Thirdly, it looks fantastic. I have the black and the translucent red and they are simply stunning to look at. Finally, the price is right. This is, in my opinion, dollar for dollar, the best value in electric violins on the market today. It is $599.99 and the price simply can't be beat. I recommend it highly for students that are just getting into electric violins for the first time and for pros that don't want to drop a ton of cash.
I am proud to represent the brand and know that the folks at NS Design didn't want to release this fine instrument to the public until it was just right. Well, it is and I encourage you to check it out.

Here is a link to the Electric Violin Shop and their info on the Wav Violin.

I will be performing on the NS Deisgn Wav Violin on numerous occasions this winter and spring. I will be soling with the Duke String School Intermediate I Orchestra (the group that my son is in!) on March 7 in Durham, NC and with the Carolina Cool Jazz Orchestra in Spartanburg, SC on March 29. On both occasions, we will be doing my original music and it should be great fun!


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