Saturday, January 24, 2009

I just have to put a quick note up about the Steelers today. I grew up in the '70's in Indiana, PA, about 40 miles from Pittsburgh. Some of the best memories of my childhood revolve around the Steelers. I so vividly remember watching the Steelers with my Mom and Dad, cheering for Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann, Franco Harris, and others. I remember wearing Steeler tassel caps and yellow sleeved football coats to school all winter long. I remember meeting Rocky Blier, shaking his hand, and talking with him about how much impact his book, "Fighting Back" had on my life. I remember all of the various Steeler players that came to a local church's father/son banquets that I attended with Mr. Degaetano, a neighbor that had no kids of his own to take. I could go on and on: football cards, posters, playing backyard football and pretending to be the Black and Gold, trips to Pittsburgh to see preseason games at Three Rivers Stadium, and more. And now, my kids are developing similar memories of championships with favorite players like "Big" Ben, "Fast" Willie, Troy Polamalu, and others.

I love what the Steelers stand for, too: defense, running the ball, nothing flashy, consistency, steadfastness, not paying the big free agent contract, cold weather, hard hitting, smash-mouth football, team first, loyalty, and certainly - Pittsburgh. I am so proud to be a Steeler fan. I am so happy that my kids are part of that tradition. Next Sunday will be a blast. Go Steelers!!!

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