Thursday, January 8, 2009

Grown Up Digital

So, I'm about 55 pages into Grown Up Digital and I must say that it makes a ton of sense. I am seeing it all around me. Net Gen-ers - members of the "Net generation" (ages 10-30) - really expect to learn, communicate, socialize, and live in a different way than us old guys. For my part, I feel like I am really dedicated to making education fit into this paradigm.

Today, it was in my Recording Technology class. I needed to give a quiz on Effects and dynamics processing. So, I made a Moodle Quiz. It included several sort answer questions that could be answered and the student would receive immediate feedback on their answer. I decided that I would give the students until midnight tonight to correct their wrong answers for full credit. After all - I want them to learn the material. This way, they are motivated to go out and find the correct answers. I also posted, as part of the quiz, 6 audio samples that the students had to listen to, then identify the effect that was used in the sample. They included stereo chorus, flanging, phase shifting, reverb, delay, and compression. Again, any incorrect answers could be corrected by midnight tonight. Within a few hours, they will have the correct answers and know exactly what their grade was on the exam.

As Disrupting Class surmised, the assessment of the future may not include a percentage as a determiner of grading, but the time that it takes to master the material.

I asked the kids if the quiz today was a learning experience and all agreed that it worked. So, I think these ideas are working. I am excited about the future!


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