Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Top Ten (Top 20?)


Tom Ten Things I Will Miss About Interlochen

10. My Orchestra – in 3 short weeks, we have built a fine ensemble and community of young musicians. We have made some marvelous music and had a good time doing it. It is fun to be work hard and to be good!

9. My new community of musical colleagues – David, Lalene, Len, Rodney, Jim, Betty Ann, Liza, Jung Ho, Jarod, Jacey, Kelcey, and others. You have all made my time at Interlochen so rich. I have so much respect for each of you and look forward to continuing our relationship!

8. Sharing a one room cabin with my family - We have grown closer as a result of the proximity, without a doubt.

7. Coffee in the morning outside on the bench with Barbra – It is really nice to sit outside in the quiet of the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee!

6. Biking the roads of Northern Michigan every morning – I have really enjoyed the terrain, the wide berms, and the beautiful country-side every morning. What a great way to start a day.

5. A different lake at every turn- They are everywhere and they are all beautiful.

4. Picnics and "Nukem" Ball with my family in the evenings - Sunsets, games with the kids, picnic dinners, laughter, boats…

3. Ping Pong – Great fun with my boys and it doesn't cost a cent! Totally beats $40.00 for miniature golf.

2. Working in an environment where everyone is there for the arts first (ie: orchestra rules!) – I love teaching at NCSSM, but it is really a pleasure and nice change of pace to be in this all arts environment.

1.5 Concerts every night – It is so cool to go to exceptional music performances literally every day. And, such a broad spectrum: Jazz, classical, band, large ensembles, chamber music, solo performances, professionals, high school students, middle school students

1. My Interlochen routine – Wake up, 25 mile bike ride, check e-mail, lunch, rehearsal, dinner, attend a concert, home. Simple. Wonderful.


Top Ten Things I Can't Wait to Get Back To in North Carolina

10. Comfortable chairs in my living room – I just want a comfortable place to sit at the end of the day.

9. My own bed – A good night sleep is definitely not overrated!

8. My community of musicians and artists – (Phillip, Dave, Adam, Kathy, Evan, Willie, Craig, Betsy, Debbie, and others) I am so blessed to be around musicians and music educators that I respect so very much on a daily basis.

7. Places to go in my home to be alone – My wife calls my music studio my "spousal avoidance center." But, you know, sometimes a little space is a good thing.

6. Biking the roads and trails of Carolina – I love the terrain, the single tracks, my choice of bikes, clean biking gear, my bike shop, Duke Forest, the hills. You get the picture.

5. Fresh ground coffee in the morning with Barbra – That Cuisinart self-grinding coffee pot is always a highlight of getting home.

4. ESPN on the TV - Sorry. I am that shallow.

3. A quiet air conditioner (temperature controlled rooms) – I have really grown to appreciate quiet central air conditioning, having lived with fans and a super noisy in-window unit for the past three weeks.

2. My students at NCSSM - Best in the world: focused, smart, motivated, character and achievement oriented people.

1. My regular routine – I just have a great life. It has been fun to be away. I can't wait to be home.





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