Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm Bored

It is a strange statement, isn't it? I'm bored. It is especially strange for me to hear this from my students at NCSSM. Our school is arguably one of the most academically rigorous in the United States and our students are perpetually busy. The students that are involved in the arts here have to really carve out time for it. Many students simply don't have enough hours in the day to get everything done and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. But, as soon as crunch time of exams or a term is over, I frequently hear those words: "I'm bored."

What is it about our culture that causes this. I am as guilty as the next guy. We are addicted to being busy. We run so hard day after day and never give ourselves a break. The weird thing is that we are busy, but often busy for busy's sake. We are busy, but do we really have purpose?

I really believe that true purpose leads us to fulfillment. What does busyness lead to? Exhaustion? Lethargy? Or worse - apathy and sloth?

My experience is that being perpetually busy just wears me out. (If you don't believe me, just look at my previous blog-post. I was there a few days ago.) It wears me out mentally and physically. I lose my sense of purpose. I actually get apathetic and lethargic. As I go, I believe that our society goes. We are all too busy and many getting apathetic.

I had a brief conversation about this yesterday with a friend whom I really respect. He suggested to me that this is an especially large problem within academic communities. We value accomplishments. Hard work leads to great things. But does the academic community ever really discuss purpose? Not enough in my opinion. I'll say it again: PURPOSE leads to fulfillment. Busyness for busyness sake leads to apathy.

So, today as you contemplate this post, I encourage you to consider your purpose. Consider what you are placed on this earth to do. Who are you here to impact? As you find that purpose, every thing you do will have more meaning. Your work will have more meaning. Your play, study, friendships, relaxation, and socialization will all have more meaning. Please know that I write all of this as much for me as for you. I need to hear these words as much as anyone. As I reflected on my last blog post and considered all of this yesterday, I felt like this is exactly where I found myself. Somewhere close to apathy. And I know that is not me. I am the opposite of apathy. I really care about the purpose in my life. But, sometimes in the midst of extreme business, we can lose track of the purpose. Time for me to reset my mindset.

What is your purpose? Think about it today. And, try to incorporate it into EVERYTHING that you do. You won't ever be bored again!


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