Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Things I Learned in Nashville

A few weeks ago, my son and I had a few days with no scheduled activities, (which happens very rarely in my home) so we decided to head to Nashville for a few days to check out some music and the general atmosphere.  Neither of us had  ever been there and it seemed like a great adventure to begin the summer.  As an added bonus, the Country Music Association, CMAfest was going on that week, so we were treated to a big week in the area.  Here are some things that I learned while there:
  • Nashville is fun. CMAFest is fun. I recommend that music lovers, and specifically country music lovers make it a point to get there at some time. CMAFest treated us to so much great music and a magnificent atmosphere throughout the week. I will make every effort to get back to CMAFest again in the future.
  • We are doing ok in Durham. My son and I really enjoyed going to Broadway in Nashville.  That said, so much of the live music that we enjoy in Durham (local and touring) holds up completely!  We have a great music scene right here!
  • It takes a lot to get noticed.  We saw some pretty great musicians that werre toiling away in small honkey-tonks.
  • It is the place to go to make it big.  The folks that do get noticed, really have a chance!
  • Money is there.  Wow!  Music row clearly isn't hurting for cash!!
  • Everyone wants to be a star.   The dreams are palpable!
  • Fans are silly.   I am not a fan.  I am an enthusiast and appreciator.  The folks that are just out to get a photo or an autograph seem silly to me.
  • Strumming chords and singing isn't enough.  You've gotta have a look, a certain cool, and real talent.  The honkey tonks are full of strummers.
  • You gotta have a good look.  Enough said.
  • Girls wear short denim shorts and boots.  If you aint wearin that, you aint cool.
  • I love checking out bands.  I learned this from my friend Jeff Tart from Infinity Road!
  • I am fortunate to make my living in music.  Everyone wants to.  Few are privileged to.   I am living the dream!
  • I want to keep getting better at my craft.  There is always more to learn and achieve.  I am not there yet.
  • You have to play to get noticed.  No one is going to get famous sitting in their living room.  You have to hone your craft on stage.  I know this.  I get better every time I play out.  When I don't play out, I get worse.
So, those are my thoughts.  I have to get back to work here at Interlochen.  I have rehearsal in 25 minutes.  My craft awaits!!


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