Thursday, July 16, 2015

ICO Concert #2 Repertoire

Hi all!
This will be a quick post on the concert repertoire for the Interlochen Intermediate Concert Orchestra performance on July 17, 6:30 PM.  This concert will be livestreamed at
So, I hope that you can check it out if you have a chance!

We will be doing 4 works  on this concert.

We will open with Aaron Copland's string arrangement of his wonderful Hoedown from Rodeo.  I gave this out  to the kids as a challenge early in our three-week time together and they stepped up to learn the work in grand fashion.  Interlochen is in the middle of a summer-long Copland Festival and it is fitting that we do this work in honor of the Festival.  There are so many challenges in this work: rhythm, high passages, intricate intrplay between sections, solos, rhythm, rhythm, rhythm.  I am really proud of the accomplishments of these young musicians on this piece.

Next, we will perform Robert McCashin's adaptation of Allegro Moderato from No. Symphony 29 in A Major, by Mozart, published by FJH Music.  This is a wonderful grade 4 adaptation that provides the perfect opportunity to teach Viennese-style techniques, including spicatto bowing,  detailed interplay between sections, wonderful crescendi, and beautiful lyrical playing.  It will be a nice contrast following the Hoedown.

Next, we will feature my colleague, jazz saxophonist David Kay, on Bert Ligon's arrangement of Billy Strahorn's Take the "A" Train. This arrangement is great for teaching swing style to young string students.  We have added student piano and drum set players as well.  Every section must count independently and really understand the rhythms and style to pull it off.  David will be tearing it up on this one.  I am really pleased to share the stage with him again this summer.

Finally, ICO will finish up with Legend of the Phantom Pirates, by Brian Balmages.  This is a wonderful original (grade 3.5) composition that toggles between a slow, mysterioso section and a driving allegro pirate theme.  The kids love it and it will be a perfect finale for the ICO portion of the show.  I recommend this one highly.

I can't wait to perform this concert!  The students have prepared well and it is time to wrap up this three-week session at Interlochen.  Congratulations to all of the fine young musicians that have participated.



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