Friday, March 13, 2015

Links to Video Resources for System for Teaching Upper Positions and Scales

I will be presenting a session on this material at The ASTA National Conference in Salt Lake City on Thursday, March 19. Feel free to check out the material and I hope to see you at the session if yo are attending the conference!

This video playlists are designed to be used as part of a method for teaching upper positions, shifting, and eventually major and minor scales on the violin, viola, cello and string bass using the finger pattern concept. The Finger Pattern Concept and Sequential System described in these videos is based on the methodology of Dr. George Bornoff. For more on the Bornoff Approach, visit The system and accompanying resources are sequential, provide a direct and functional system of nomenclature, and provide a harmonic underpinning (musical context) for learning the patterns. For a full explanation of the system and a procedure for implementing these videos watch this brief introduction The documents that accompany the lessons can be found at the following link: 

All Playlists (Finger Pattern Exercises and Scales)

Violin Finger Pattern Exercises Playlist

Viola Finger Pattern Exercises Playlist

Cello Finger Pattern Exercises Playlist

Bass Finger Pattern Exercises Playlist

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