Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lots of Successes at GA All State Orchestra

Hi all -
In my last post, I said I would let you know how the Georgia All State went.  It was great!

It was a wonderful of music-making that had a great feel from the opening minutes of the first rehearsal, right until the last folks trickled out of the hall following the concert.

I just re-read my previous post and really feel that all of those precepts for ensembles were met with great enthusiasm and buy-in.  The culminating performances was fantastic and there were numerous moving moments in the music.  Thanks to all of the folks that had such nice remarks after the concert!

I want to thank everyone at GMEA, the Orchestra Manager Whitney Tinley, and especially all of the wonderful student musicians for making my work so pleasurable.  There were so many smiles and good feelings throughout the weekend.  I really can't express how fulfilling the whole trip was for me.

Now I am home and getting ready for the upcoming ASTA National Conference in Louisville.  I will be part of a team that is teaching the pre-conference session on the new ASTA Curriculum, serving on a panel discussion called "My Passion in Music Education," and doing my new session, "Ten Practical Strategies for Incorporating Electric Strings into Your Classroom."  Should be a blast!!


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