Thursday, October 17, 2019

Reliably Bad with the NCSSM Orchestra

Reliably Bad will be performing a free concert with the NCSSM String Orchestra at NCSSM on Friday, Oct. 25 at 7 p.m. in the ETC Auditorium. Reliably Bad is a Greensboro-based funk-pop 8-piece band who are making waves in the N.C. music scene with their original music. All graduates or current students of the UNC-Greensboro School of Music, each member brings a variety of influences and musical styles to the table. This will be their first time performing with an orchestra backing them up, and they have been hard at work creating orchestral arrangements for this show. (Bandmember Christopher Peebles is currently doing all of the string arrangements.) This high-energy concert is sure to be a great way to celebrate the end of first trimester classes! Check out their new single and this recent article.  This is a free concert and families with children are welcome!!

Here is their Bandcamp page with some more tunes:

I am really looking forward to doing this non-classical orchestra performance with our orchestra students and Reliably Bad. It will be a completely different experience from a traditional orchestra performance and everyone gains from it. The band is fantastic, and I feel like their boundless energy and musical expertise will certainly transfer to our orchestra musicians. Also, it will be great fun!  - Scott Laird

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