Monday, July 3, 2017

First Day in Kresge

On Monday, the Intermediate Concert Orchestra had their first rehearsal in Kresge Auditorium. This is always one of my favorite rehearsals of the first week or so of camp. We started rehearsal by simply reflecting on the history of that stage. I had the kids consider all of the great artists that have graced that stage over the years. We mentioned many by name and considered the responsibility that we have as artists on that stage as well. Next, we turned and looked out the large picture windows on the back of the stage. We looked at the beauty of the lake, the sky, and the trees across the lake. We considered the birds, fish, nature, the boats, and the stunning view. It is such a beautiful scene.  It is actually surreal for me every time I walk on that stage. Finally, we considered the wonderful quote that that reminds us every time we walk on that stage why we are doing what we do. "Dedicated to the promotion of world friendship through the promotion of the Arts." It is a wonderful charge for each and every artist that sets foot on the stage. And, it is a wonderful reminder for all of the students in the Intermediate Concert Orchestra.  Suddenly, a wrong note isn't as much of a concern and the big picture becomes clear.

We then went on to have a wonderful rehearsal. We worked a great deal on getting used to the auditorium and the sounds that we were hearing there as opposed to in Grunow Hall. It has become apparent that our largest challenges for our last two rehearsals will be maintaining a steady tempo, expressively and appropriately shaping phrases, and listening for the pertinent material from other sections of the orchestra. (It is funny how listening is one of the most difficult things for young musicians to do in an ensemble setting. There is so much for them to think about regarding their own part, that sometimes they forget to listen.) This group is well on its way to becoming a listening ensemble.

It was a great rehearsal and we have plenty to do today and tomorrow. I am truly looking forward to our performance on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in Kresge Hall.



PS: Happy 4th of July! I have been enjoying fireworks every night over Duck Lake. Tonight I will go to a ball game, then fireworks.

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