Wednesday, February 29, 2012

South Carolina All State Orchestra

I want to say a quick thank-you to all of the teachers and students that were part of the South Carolina All State Orchestra last weekend in Myrtle Beach, SC. I was honored to conduct the 9-10 All State Orchestra and simply had a magnificent time at the event. You all made me feel so welcome and appreciated throughout the event.

As part of the event, the students performed Movement IV if Dvorak's New World Symphony, Gabriella Frank's three movement Calles de Laredo (including a Salsa, Cuban Parlor Piece, and Mango Tango), and Calvin Custer's Leroy Anderson Favorites. Your musicianship was stellar and your citizenship was even more impressive. You were great!

Congratulations also to Chris Selby who conducted the 6-8 group, Dr. Robert Culver who conducted the 11-12 orchestra, and Scott Weiss who conducted the 11-12 Wind Ensemble. All of the performances were fantastic.

Finally, a huge thanks to Kathy Perry, Chair of the entire event. You made it easy from start to finish. Having been in your position many times, I know that when it looks easy, you have really done your job well. It looked and felt easy. Thanks.

It was really fantastic to wake up each morning to a cup of coffee while looking over the Atlantic from my 7th floor suite. I could get used to that! I hope to get the opportunity to do it again some day in South Carolina. Thanks for the opportunity!


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