Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cycling at Interlochen

One of the great opportunities that come with my schedule the next few weeks, is the opportunity to get on my bike each day in the morning. Over the past several months, my cycling habit has been a bit diminished due to a busy work and family schedule. (However, I will admit that I have been pretty committed to the elliptical machine in the gym at NCSSM.) I brought my Fuji Cyclocross Pro bike with me and it is perfect for the terrain at camp and off campus. I have encountered many dirt roads and the cyclocross bike just begs to turn onto them. It is perfect for both paved and dirt road rides.


Today, I went out on a beautiful 21 mile road ride that took me through some great wooded areas and ended up at Lake Ann, in Alvira, MI. Along the way, I saw some beautiful homes, great forests, fields of huge ferns, and a bunch of interesting looking general stores, shops, and other businesses. I was disappointed that I didn't find a public lake access to stop and enjoy the view. I had to enjoy it from the road – looking through the yards of the lucky folks that have homes right on the lake. It was a wonderful ride. Yesterday was the exploration of the circumference of Lake Green, which borders one side of the Interlochen campus. That ride had a combination of paved and dirt roads and a variety of stunning lake views. I am happy to say that I didn't get lost either day. (I will eventually! That is what GPS Apps on the Blackberry were designed for.) The circumference of the lake is about 10 miles, so I did it twice!


I am reminded again how great it is to be on a bike. It is so awesome to feel the wind in your face, to have your lungs burn a little bit on an ascent, to get the machine going over 30 mph (sometimes over 40 mph) on a descent, and to see an area up-close and personal. It is a great relief to get away from engines and motors and just generate the energy for travel. There is nothing quite like the feeling of happy exhaustion after a good, solid ride. One really feels a sense of accomplishment and peace.


I can't wait to find more lakes, towns, and sights from the back of my bike over the next several weeks. It will definitely get my head right for the beginning of the upcoming school year. Life is certainly good.





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