Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Positions Available at EVS!

I received a phone call late last week from my friend, Blaise Kielar at the Electric Violin Shop in Durham, NC. He is getting the word out that he has at least one open position that he would like to fill. This would be a sales position, but he is interested in filling it with a string teacher that has lost their job recently due to budget cuts.

The Electric Violin shop is a small violin shop, run by musicians, that boasts the world's largest selection of electric bowed string instruments from nearly every manufacturer. These are great folks with a real passion for electric bowed strings and for education.

So, if you are finding yourself out of work due to budget cuts in education or know of someone that fits that description, contact The Electric Violin Shop today!


PS -
I just received this note from Blaise:
Career Opportunity at Electric Violin Shop
We have two full time openings for a musician with experience in retail, lutherie, or strings education. Join our team to serve our domestic and international customers through e-commerce, phone, and walk-in sales. Ours is a growing and exciting musical specialty, with job satisfaction and variety of duties not found in many professions.
In 1978, I answered a newspaper classified in Philadelphia for a ”Violin Maker with trade school experience.” The job description confused me, for there were only three places I knew of in the world that trained violin makers, and they were not what I considered a trade school. Bill Moennig invited me for an interview, and it became clear immediately that I was not suited for that position. However, he later offered me a place in the Bow Department. I was relieved to change careers from searching for a musicology teaching position (which was not going well!) to working with my hands. I learned my new skills (yes, it was after all a trade) and then, with a partner, opened the first violin shop in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
As times changed, I opened my own shop, and added electric violins, seemingly to satisfy my own selfish interests. The rest, as they say, is history! Electric Violin Shop has grown organically into one of the most interesting niche businesses in the world, by carefully answering each player's questions about how best to be heard in an amplified setting.
So if you, or anyone you know, might be interested in educating musicians about string amplification through superior customer service, please contact me. North Carolina is a beautiful place to live, with affordable housing still available!
And, thank you for placing your trust in EVS as your source for electric strings gear!
Blaise Kielar
Read the full job description, here.
PS - Duncan is moving to Galveston, where his wife landed a teaching position, and Mike is switching careers to his first love, choral music.

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