Saturday, February 14, 2009

Teacher's Guide to Music, Media, and Copyright Law

Today is my last day in San Antonio and it was a good one. I gave my 2nd seminar at the TMEA Conference today. The session is "Science and Math in the Orchestra Classroom." It was well attended and the attendees were all really into the topic and seemed to get a good deal from the session. All seemed genuinely enthusiastic about the presentation. That was great.

After my session, I had the opportunity to stop by the Soundtree (Korg) booth to say hi to James Frankel. He is the author of the Music Technology in Education blog that I have linked to this page. I really just stopped by to say hi and to connect with a fellow music technology and education blogger. As part of our conversation, he told me about his new book, "The Teacher's Guide to Music, Media, and Copyright Law. All of you that are music educators should pickup a copy of this book for yourself and your school. (Hal Leonard Publishing)

I had a book that was very similar to this by Jay Althouse entitled "Copyright, The Complete guide for Music Educators" that was published about 10 years ago. I have used this book as a resource MANY times. The reality is that lots has changed in the last 10 years and this new publication is the perfect update for the Althouse book. It is easy to read and should be n every music educators office.

I think that we all want to do the right thing as it relates to copyright and intellectual property, but we don't always understand the rules. This book has the answers to your questions.

James and I had a great conversation and I look forward to many more discussions on Music, Technology, and teaching with him in the future. For now, I am thrilled to have this book and will share it with my school when I return on Monday. It is important stuff!


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